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Butcher with Beef

Your reliable meat producer

Fåddman's vision is to be a European market leader in its specialty segments with an interesting,
innovative and unique product range. We strive to be the market leaders when it comes to
environment, quality, cost-effective production, safe food production and to be Sweden's most attractive employer.
Fåddman's mission is to exceed the market and customers' expectations within the following
focus areas:

- Customer satisfaction
- Food safety
- Delivery security
- Product quality
- Production efficiency
- Product development and new products 
- Environmentally friendly & sustainable production
- Social responsibility

Fåddman currently works with two brands Fåddman and 'Saltmästarn'.
Saltmästarn has a product focus on more traditional home cooking products and is characterized by tradition and quality and is currently marketed in Sweden only.

Our focus brand is 'Fåddman' and is marketed and sold all over Europe 
The product development is characterized by quality, innovation and uniqueness.
The Fåddman brand must balance long tradition and experience with new thinking and innovation
which will result in trend-setting and innovative product perfection.

Fåddman has a long and broad experience of production and packaging of our customers' own brands, so-called EMV
or private label. Today, we produce private label products for all customer segments such as
industry, catering and the grocery market. Fåddman currently produces over 1.5 million privately
label packaging annually and this is steadily increasing every year. Are you interested in having a high quality
and cost-effective producer with high integrity for your goods, you should contact Fåddman.

Fåddman motto:
"Top of the class is not good enough!"

Mission & Vision: Om
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