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Our story

Fåddman AB is a genuine family business with 50 years of experience in salted and smoked unmixed meat and charcuterie products, mainly of pork, beef and lamb.
Since 1968, when Otto Schempp and Inga-Lill Schempp started Foodman HB, manufacturing high-quality charcuterie has been the company's goal. During this journey through 50 years, a lot has changed. The company changed company form to a limited company in 1971 and at the same time changed its name to Fåddman AB. In the late 1990s, the next generation took over, Otto's and Inga-Lill's two sons Peter and Marcus but the goal is still retained. In 2006, the company bought Saltmästarn's factory in Mantorp, to satisfy customers' desire for a larger range of products and capacity. The company currently has about 130 employees and had a yearly turnover of SEK 505 million in 2020.

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